Fen specialises in traditional Syrian furniture and modern art from the Middle East and Northern Africa.

The furniture ranges from chests of drawers to side tables and mirrors inlaid and intricately decorated with mother of pearl and camel bone , beautiful and distinctively from Damascus.

Some of the artists Fen represents are among the very well known and international award-winning: from Louay Kayali and Moudaras to the up and coming Sabhan Adam whose works have been sold to important collectors from all around the globe.

Discovering new art and meeting artists is one of the favourite pastimes of the owners of Fen, Toufic and Kate. They therefore have a wide range of art on offer.

Alongside the enchanting art and dazzling furniture, you can also find many other little treasures from around the world: ethnic art from Papua New Guinea and Africa, art deco lamps, Islamic tiles, silver Bedouin jewellery, and fashion.

It's a colourful place put together in a harmonious way - pleasing to the eye, and not to mention engaging and alluring to the touch.

Toufic Beyhum, born in Beirut and raised in London, comes from an established family of poets, writers and theatre practitioners. As such it seemed destined he would go to art college at the age of 16, much younger than his peers, where he always relished the colourful and otherworldly nature of art. Much to his credit, and with a knack for doing business deeply rooted in his culture, he has since been able to follow a successful international career in advertising for the past 12 years.

Blessed with an eye adept at noticing beauty in unusual places, Toufic is a natural in capturing great moments with his camera. He pursued this as a hobby until recently, when he published his first photographic book, "Emotions in Motion" (2007) which documents the fascinating people of Berlin in reportage photography style, a style that he seems to have mastered. He is always in pursuit of the next project and hardly goes anywhere without his camera by his side. In the past year Toufic has extended his CV further by adding another project to his plate: opening a gallery/shop called Fen.

Toufic runs Fen together with his Namibian business partner and wife Kate Matzopoulos who studied English Literature and Drama at the University of Cape Town. From a multi-cultural and resourceful background of artists and scientists, as well as having lived in various countries around the world, she always has a refreshing insight into things. She has always been interested in the performing arts and the creation of different worlds and experiences through theatre. She has translated this love for fantasy in theatre to the creative world of fashion. After completing a course in pattern making in Berlin, she went on to exhibit her fashion at the Bread and Butter trade show in Barcelona and Pret a Porter in Paris. She has brought fashion to Fen, creating clothes in European styles using African fabrics.