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Mohannad Orabi

Born in Damascus, Syria in 1977, Mohannad Orabi apparently deals with the creature, the human being. The identity of the human being however, changes with the changing of the stages of Orabi's work.
He started with the portrait, and then it became a whole person. However, what matters to Orabi is the composition of colors rather than the human form. The form suddenly changes into a child, after Orabi has seen closely lines of babies in the incubators of a hospital. He went on watching them, imagining their fate and scratching countless sketches. This was a turning point in his artistic experiment. In addition to that, Orabi enjoys working on unstable lines, because he finds them visually entertaining.
After his graduation from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus in 2000, Orabi participated in several collective exhibitions and workshops inside and outside Syria such as a collective exhibition in the United Arab Emirates' Palace in Abu Dhabi in 2007, at Ayyam Dubai under "Shabab Uprising" exhibition in March 2009, also at Art HK 2009.
He also had solo exhibitions such as his exhibition at Zara Gallery in Amman, Jordan in 2007, at Ayyam Gallery, Damascus in May 2008, at the CIGE art fair in Beijing, China in April 2009 and the latest will be at Ayyam Dubai in October 2009.
Orabi won several prizes for his work, one of which is the first prize in the Youth's exhibition in Damascus in 2006. His works are present in important collection in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, France, the USA, China, Canada and Switzerland.

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