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Mohammad Bajano

Mohammad Bajano’s works tackle the idea of the psychological trauma that faces every human being during various stages of life. Winged creatures in the shape of a woman or child appear in the major part of his creations. The artist aims to express inner sensations and wishes of the mediocre man, who is burdened with worries, to transcend time and space and travel to a different realm where he could lead a happy life, free from society’s obligations and restrictions. The influence of Syrian culture and environment on the artist is unquestionable.  The seaport city Lattakia, where Bajano was born and is currently living, has inspired the artist with themes and motifs to render his abstract ideas into concrete figures partly made of clay, almond and olive wood. Simple ornamentations such as dark brown and off-white stones from the seashore, decorate his dramatized statues.
Bajano is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus and has participated in numerous collective exhibitions in most Syrian cities.

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